Entry #1


Why do you deserve a free driveway? :
Driveway vs Husband = Driveway 1, Husband 0. The cost of a driveway is nowhere near the cost of replacing a hip! The reason we deserve a free driveway is because of the crazy winter we had. It was the day after the Super Bowl 2019 when my husband lost to our driveway. We got a light freezing rain that dusted our driveway and when our daughter came home from working the night shift she got stuck coming up it. My husband told her to leave the vehicle and he would get it to the top. Well, that didn’t happen. Instead we received a knock at the door from a neighbor passing by that my husband was at the end of the driveway injured. My husband left his phone in the house and fell sanding in front of the vehicle. After 20 minutes he was able to crawl to the snowbank and flag down a passing vehicle. Let’s just say he got himself an expensive ride to the hospital. He fractured the femur neck bone and ended up in emergency surgery to place pins, plates, and screws. The next few months were a challenge for the both of us! I was able to learn and manage the driveway through the crazy winter we had. Having an asphalt driveway may make things easier in the years to come. Because the driveway won over my husband, I want to be the one who wins over the driveway, and that is why I feel we deserve a new driveway.

Entry #2


Why do you deserve a free driveway? :
This is not for me. It’s for my children’s father - my ex-husband. My ex-husband was diagnosed with Pompe Disease in 2004. The doctors gave him 5 years to live. He has out lasted their expectations by many years. Thankfully, my children have had more time than we thought to spend with him. The past several years his condition has worsened. He is now a part of enzyme therapy replacement at Mayo. He works part time at Home Depot after he lost his job as a master plumber due to his falling all the time. His muscles have progressively weakened. He now falls many times a day. He uses a walker to get from the back door of his house to his vehicle every time he has to go somewhere. The drive way is horrible. With Huge holes that he falls into. It’s hard for my kids to watch. They don’t have the money to fix the driveway. Please consider him for the driveway give away. He doesn’t know I’m submitting this entry. He could sure use a flat surface to try to walk on.

Entry #3


Why do you deserve a free driveway? :
I have a gravel driveway and it is so hard for my partner to get around. He recently had a portion of his left leg removed and has to use a wheelchair or a mobility cart to get around. Neither one works very well on the gravel. It would be a blessing in disguise to have a asphalt driveway.

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